The mayor of the American city rescued the person from fire

The mayor of Newark (State of New Jersey) Cory Brooker rescued the woman from the burning house (as CNN reports).

It occurred in the evening on April 12. Coming back home, the mayor saw that the next building burns. Accompanied by three police detectives (according to Associated Press version – two bodyguards) Brooker entered into this house and began to look for the woman who as assumed, was there at this time. The mayor and policemen called the woman by name, she responded and cried out that is in a bedroom.

Detectives, as they say in the publication CNN, tried to stop the mayor, being afraid for his safety. However Brooker entered into a bedroom and together with policemen helped the woman to get out.

As reports, the mayor, the victim and three policemen were taken to hospital. The mayor injured the right hand. The woman is in a stable condition.

In the USA the long-term anchorman of “60 minutes” Mike Wallace died

Journalist Mike Wallace, the long-term anchorman of “60 minutes” on the American TV channel CBS, died in the USA at the age of 93 years, reports Associated Press. The well-known TV reporter known for the teleconversations with various politicians and celebrities, died at nursing home in the State of Connecticut where spent the last years lives.

Wallace kept the telecast “60 minutes” on the CBS channel of 38 years – from 1968 to 2006 when the well-known journalist declared that leaves the program at own will.

Within the program “60 minutes” Wallace carried out hundreds conversations. He interviewed Martin Luther King, the propagandist of euthanasia Jack Kevorkyan, Yasser Arafat and Vladimir Putin. Wallace also carried out interview to all U.S. Presidents, since John Kennedy, except for George Bush Jr.

It is considered Wallace’s most known project interview which it took in 1979 from the leader of Islamic revolution of ayatollah Khomeini. Conversation occurred at the height of crisis round the American diplomats whom the new government of Iran held in Tehran.

In the life Wallace took the last interview from baseball player Roger Clemens in 2008.

Besides interview, Wallace also worked over preparation more than 800 plots for transfer “60 minutes”.

According to the decision of administration of CBS, program release of “60 minutes” from April 15 will be entirely devoted to Wallace.

Burger King has conceded Wendy’s the second place in the market of hamburgers of the USA

The network of public catering Wendy’s has displaced Burger King from the second place in the list of the largest sellers of hamburgers in the USA, informs Reuters. As Bloomberg says, the sales volume in Wendy’s past year has reached 8,5 billion dollars whereas gain Burger King hasn’t exceeded 8,4 billion. Wendy’s has achieved success at the expense of the program of sale of hamburgers of “premium-class”.

At the same time both companies continue to lag behind considerably the leader of the market – McDonald’s. The largest seller of fast food in the world has received in 2011 in the market of the USA of 34 billion dollars.

On the fourth place still settles down Subway. The most fast-growing network of restaurants of fast food in the USA is Five Guys Burgers and Fries. However, in absolute expression the volume of its sales is insignificant – all 200 million dollars.

Company Wendy’s, long time guided basically on home market of the USA, in May, 2011 has opened the first restaurants in Russia. They have appeared in Moscow: on Old Arbat and in the Warm Camp, and then and in other places.

The right to death

The mayor of village Falciano del Massico in the south of Italy has forbidden local residents to die, informs La Stampa.

“For local residents, as well as visitors of village, it is forbidden to leave limits of terrestrial life to die”, – it is told in the decision of mayor Giulio Cesare Fava which has come into force on March, 5th (according to Il Messagero – on March, 2nd).

Absence in Falciano del Massico of a cemetery became the reason of such decision. Before recent time inhabitants of village used the earths of the next small town Carinola, from which Falciano has separated in 1964. During long time a cemetery of Carinola (till 1964 were the general) it was planned to increase, that its part has departed Falciano . However as any initiatives from party Carinola wasn’t, Fava has decided to understand with a problem differently.

As he said, the previous administration Falciano tried to create the cemetery project, however it left the expensive for such small village.

“My decision – provocation. But the situation has already reached peak. What do people speak? It has caused the present national anger in them. Local residents have already collected one thousand signatures, and some land owners have offered me the sites”, – makes comments on Fava the decision. At the same time Il Messagero gives of a word of the mayor that inhabitants of Falciano have appeared are glad to its decision.

Since March, 5th two elderly inhabitants of village have disobeyed the mayor and have died.

Further Fava plans to choose the earth most suitable to a cemetery together with engineers, and together with lawyers to solve the legal issues which have remained not solved with authorities Carinola.

Giulio Cesare Fava - the cardiologist by a trade. He adheres to left-centrist sights. Mayor Falciano del Massico in whom lives 3700 persons, Fava became in 2007.

Sara Palin has scarified a television movie about herself

The member of Republican Party Sara Palin acted with television movie criticism “Game (“Game Change”) which main character is she changed”. About it it is reported on a site Deadline.

The mentioned film of the HBO channel is based on the book of Mark Helperin and John Heylemann with the same name. In the book Palin, in turn, is a question of political career – in particular, her promotion as the candidate in Vice Presidents of the United States together with John McCain on elections of 2008.

Itself Palin in a picture plays Julianna Moore. Also in the film are occupied Woody Harrelson, Ad Harris and Sar Paulson. The picture “Game changed” went on the air on the HBO channel on March 10, 2012.

Palin declared that neither she, nor McCain aren’t going to watch the film. Nevertheless, they discussed the project and came to a conclusion that “the Hollywood lie remains the Hollywood lie”. Palin also noted that made idea of the film thanks to a trailer.


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